TribScoop Issue 6: Survey Results

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Brownies: Nuts or No nuts?

Majority rules for no nuts!  56% of respondents prefer nutless brownies while only 28% prefer the nuts.  A handful say “gimme whatcha got” and one lone ranger doesn’t like brownies at all.  Now that’s just sad.
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If I got a flat tire on the way to work, I would...

60% say they would call AAA or other roadside assistances.  34% are confident enough to change it themselves. A few said they would call a husband or family member.  No one is willing to hitchhike – huh, surprising, LOL.
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When talking face-to-face with someone, do you tell them if they have something in their teeth?

Wow, 63% said “depends on who it is.  34% said “yes, always”.  One person has  never had this happen to them…hmmmm not sure about that.
Soft drink gf668e4920 1920

Coke or Pepsi?

Pretty even match up.  22% prefer Pepsi while 34% prefer Coke.  23% don’t like either one and a handful aren’t picky – they’ll take either one.