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Editor & Publisher's News Pets

Bluey was recently featured in Editor & Publisher magazine! The magazine is recognizing News Pets from newsrooms and media companies across the country.

Bluey's responsibilities include spreading joy and bringing smiles to the faces of everyone he meets. Bluey loves to make new friends. He especially loves going to meetings although he sleeps through most of them.

Throughout the day, Bluey can be found visiting the newsroom, hanging out in Advertising or napping in Marketing. In his spare time, Bluey enjoys walks outside, getting belly rubs and eating treats. Bluey is a one- year-old dachshund-red heeler mix and was adopted from a rescue agency.

Happy 1st Birthday Bluey!

The week of April 1, Bluey turned 1! We celebrated with cake and pizza at the Tarentum office - and Bluey even had a special cake made just for him and some puppy ice cream. Here's to many more!

Look who is 6 months old

Earlier this month, Bluey turned 6 months old! He is tipping the scales at just over 10 pounds.

He recently got a fancy new - personalized - bed, was helping Gemma with her layouts and celebrated Best of the Best success with the Tarentum sales team!

Bluey's First 2 Months

June and July have just flown by but Bluey has been a busy boy!

He got his nameplate in the Marketing Department! He's got a lot to offer in team meetings, but also loves walks in the park, making friends, and taking naps.

Bluey also took a little vacation in mid-July where he explored and, you guessed it, napped. 

Bluey's First Day in the Office - June 15, 2022

On his first day, Bluey slept through a few Marketing meetings, made friends in Advertising and Editorial and was 'twinning' with Rob Amen!

Trib Total Media welcomes Barketing Manager - Bluey

Bluey is a 10-week-old dachshund-red heeler mix. His primary duties include playing, eating treats and bringing a smile to the face of everyone he meets. He does tend to sleep through meetings, but we’re working on that.

In his spare time, Bluey enjoys running around outside and chewing on things he isn’t supposed to. When not in the office, he lives in Springdale with his family. He is vastly outnumbered with 6 big sisters – 2 (2-legged) girls, 2 cats, a dachshund, and a turtle.

Bluey will be visiting the Tarentum office most Wednesdays, so be sure to stop by the Marketing Department and say hello!