Employee Assistance Program

Sometimes we all could use a little help dealing with life challenges.

If you or a family member is dealing with a difficult situation, please be aware that we offer this FREE employee assistance service to all employees and their families.

There are a wealth of resources available to you on their website, www.washingtoneapservices.com

Washington EAP - Employee Assistance

Trib Total Media provides Washington EAP to help you live the life you want through confidential access to counseling sessions and online resources.

Download "EAP-General Poster.pdf"

Washington EAP - Legal & Financial Assistance

When a legal issue, financial matter or an instance of identity fraud disrupts your life, it can create substantial stress for you and your family. Your employee assistance program can help manage the many complexities of these events.

Download "EAP-LegalFinancialIDTheft.pdf"

Washington EAP - Wellness Coaching

Most of us have wellness goals whether we are working on them now, or putting them off until later. Washington EAP can help on your journey by providing coaching and resources available by phone or web.

Download "EAP-WellnessCoaching.pdf"