Issue 2 Survey Results

Thank you for opening up and answering last edition’s survey questions – weren’t they fun?

In a nutshell, we now know that we are just one big happy family of over-caffeinated pet owners who need more interesting nicknames to highlight our amazing driving skills and our disdain for emojis

But when you get right down to brass tax, here’s how the responses really shook out: 

Would you rather never text again or only text using emojis?

54% of those that responded would rather never be allowed to text again versus only ever being able to communicate with emojis, while the other 46% would rather be all emojis all the time!  

Do you prefer to be called by your given name or a nickname?

67% of respondents are more likely to be called by their given name at work than by a nickname.  21% have really cool nicknames that are more likely to be used and 13% have nicknames that are “just okay” that get used equally to their given name. 

Are you a better driver or passenger?

63% of us say we are better drivers than we are passengers.  Spoken like truly terrible drivers, of course.  38% admit to being better passengers than drivers, and the rest of us thank you for our honesty. 

What is your beverage of choice to get going in the morning?

Of those of us who need the caffeine to function like humans, 64% of us prefer coffee.  18% prefer pop or soda to keep the engines running. Tea and energy drinks are each the go-to for 9% of respondent.  8% of all respondents claim to not even need caffeine because they are naturally awake and energetic on their own.  

Do you have at least 1 pet at home?

It’s safe to say that we are definitely a pet-friendly group.  88% of respondents reported to have at least 1 pet at home, while a measly 3% are without pets at this time.  Maybe a “Bring Your Pet to Work Day” is in our future? 
Thanks for playing along!  Be sure to answer this edition’s survey questions to reveal more fun things about your work friends! If you have suggestions for future survey questions, please email them to!