June 2022 Survey Results

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What's your favorite vegetable?

Although broccoli squeaked by with a win, asparagus was a very close 2nd while green beans and peas weren’t far behind.  Who knew we were such a healthy bunch?
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Do you sing in the car?

Perhaps there is an American Idol amongst us? 80% of respondents answered that they are car singers. Chances are we have some amazing talent in our midst – but also some that should only sing when no one else is listening!
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Have you gone to the theater to watch a movie this year?

Half say yes and half say no.  What are the chances that it was Top Gun: Maverick that got everyone to the theaters?
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Can you hula hoop?

Once again, split down the middle. An in-office  hula hoop contest should definitely be scheduled ASAP!
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Surprises...love them or hate them?

The majority LOVE SUPRISES!  Good to know for upcoming celebrations around the office!