May 2022 Survey Results

As we head into summer, here are the results of the May survey answered by our beloved co-workers:

Are you planning a vacation this summer? 
Looks like summer vacations are definitely a thing for us - 64% are already planning on a vacation and another 32% responded “maybe”.  Let’s enjoy every last minute of whatever summer holds!

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Sticking with the summer theme, cold treats will be a-plenty.  Favorite ice cream flavors amongst our group included good ol’ vanilla and chocolate. Mint chocolate chip, butter pecan and cookie dough made appearances as write-ins. Are there really any bad flavors of ice cream?

Which extreme sport would you try first? 
It’s safe to say that our group is risk-averse when it comes to extreme sports.  41% of respondents say they would not try any of the extreme sports listed.  32% of respondents admitted they would try sky diving and a few said they would try bungee jumping or scuba diving.  All in all, it sounds like extreme sports shouldn’t be the next company team-building event.

If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?
Either it just sounds super cool or many of us have a hard time sitting still.  41% of respondents say their superpower of choice would be time travel.  18% would like the ability to fly and 14% would like to be able to talk to animals. A combined 23% would like to be invisible, have super strength or be able to read minds.  Here’s hoping that Elon Musk finds a way to market superpowers to regular humans soon!