Q1 Advertising Department Rankings

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There are several ways to look at our monthly and quarterly rankings. Some reps love the competition. They like to know where they stand and what it takes to get to the top. However, other reps may not look at the ranking in the same light. They see the comparison as criticism, and when they don't perform their best, they see it as embarrassing.

In the past, as with most sales organizations, sales-to-goal was king. If you hit your goal, you're doing great, but you're falling short of expectations if you don't. The truth is that selling advertising is hard work. Our Advertising & Marketing Consultants can do many things right in a month and still find themselves missing their goal. The loss of a big account or two can make hitting a goal nearly impossible, but that doesn't always or even usually mean they're performing poorly.

That's why we developed key performance indicators (KPIs) that we can measure and manage. These KPIs provide a more well-rounded way of evaluating sales performance. Overall sales-to-goal still gets top billing. We value a strong performance in this category with twice the weight of our others. Other categories we measure are:
  • Print sales-to-goal
  • Digital sales-to-goal
  • Active accounts
  • Digital active accounts
  • Daily 4 (retired after Q1)

Last but not least, as with any ranking, someone earns the top spot, and someone else has to be last. However, it should be noted that someone in the last spot isn't always doing a bad job. In fact, in some instances, a rep may be over their goal but in the last spot. Our report compares reps to their peer's performance, so last place doesn't automatically equate to poor performance.

To our entire sales team, THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication.

Congratulations to our Q1 2022 Advertising Dept Top 10

Carole DeSalvo
Lea Long
Diana Roberts
Jim Talarico
Christine Welker
Jessica Rocco
Tammy Painter
Carolyn Dymerski
Suzy Fleeger
Claudine DePaul