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Employee Spotlight: Steve Midgley

In Steve's words, serendipity brought him to the Trib. He had just arrived from England and discovered that prospective employers were reluctant to contact references as they found the whole international thing daunting. Andy Fisk was the head of IT here at the Trib at that time and hailed from the UK originally so he had no qualms about contacting Steve's references. And, the rest is history.

Favorite part of the job? "That’s easy, very little is the same two days running and we, on the tech side, are being challenged on a daily basis. No boredom here," Steve said.

Before coming to the Trib, Steve was a firefighter/safety officer for a major oil refinery and had some formal, some autodidactic, experience with programming languages and became the de facto department IT guy there.

In his free time, Steve builds things. Anything from farm buildings to vehicles. In addition, he and his wife like to spend time on their boat, and riding/training their horse.

Something co-workers don’t know? After 22 years at the Trib, with the best co-workers ever, and in the same department, Steve says 'there’s probably little I can surprise them with'.

Steve's bucket list includes – Buying and learning to fly a paraglider, finishing the rebuilds on his many project vehicles, and ensuring his precious wife gets the kidney transplant she so desperately needs.

My wife received some difficult news.  She recently found out that she needs to have a kidney transplant, and that the best option is for her to find a living donor.  It has been hard to process this information, and it’s even more difficult for her to reach out with this request.  But at this point, I’m really relying on my friends and family to help me share this message and consider being her donor.  To sign up as a potential living donor, please go to https://livingdonorreg.upmc.com/ and enter ‘Kathy Midgley’ as the recipient.  Thank you for your support through this trying time!