Trib honored by Pa. NewsMedia for investigation into sex offenders, claims 28 statewide awards

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association has recognized the Tribune-­Review for a second year in a row with the prestigious G. Richard Dew Award for its investigation on how sex offenders go undetected in Pennsylvania’s long-term care facilities.

The recognition is one of 30 Keystone Media Awards given to the Trib by the association for work that was published in 2021.

The awards “reinforce excellence by individuals in the news media profession, by recognizing journalism that consistently provides relevance, integrity, and initiative in serving readers and audiences, and faithfully fulfills its First Amendment rights/responsibilities,” according to the association.

The Dew Award recognizes “an outstanding contribution to the community or state through an article or series of articles published in print and/or online, that demonstrate improvement in the quality of community life, enhancement of public understanding of the role of the news media, and journalistic responsiveness to matters of public interest.”

The association presents categories that are based on circulation as well as specialty awards given to the best work in a particular category from all entries.
In its circulation category, the Trib earned 11 first-place awards, which was nearly one-third of the categories that were judged. Twenty-eight of the Trib’s entries were recognized in its circulation group, out of 98 entries in all.

The awards will be presented in October at a Pennsylvania News­Media Association luncheon in Harrisburg.

“We are extremely grateful for this recognition,” said Luis Fabregas, executive editor of Trib Total Media. “Day in and day out, our journalists strive to produce good work on behalf of the community and our readers.”

The Tribune-Review’s specialty awards were:

• G. Richard Dew Award for Journalistic Service“Hidden danger: Registered sex offenders often go undetected in care homes, sometimes at an unspeakable cost,” Natasha Lindstrom, Debra Erdley, Susan McFarland.

• Calkins Family Distinguished Video Award: Sean Stipp, for three works — “Called to Hallowed Ground,” “Olympic Oak: The Story of John Woodruff, the 1936 Berlin Olympics & the Roots of Athlete Activism” and “Hidden Dangers.”
Olympic Oak: The story of John Woodruff, the 1936 Berlin Olympics & the roots of athlete activism "Olympic Oak, the story of John Woodruff, the 1936 Berlin Olympics and the roots of Athlete Activism” chronicles the gold-medal victory of the Connellsville native before Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime and discusses the impact that African Americans on that Olympic team had on the future of American sports.

Here is the full list of the Trib’s Keystone honorees from its circulation category:

• Enterprise Reporting: first place, “Hidden danger: Registered sex offenders often go undetected in care homes, sometimes at an unspeakable cost,” Natasha Lindstrom, Debra Erdley, Susan McFarland.

• News Feature Story: first place, “Remembering a day unlike any other,” Paul Guggenheimer.

• Business or Consumer Story: second place, “Ghost kitchens: Low-investment takeout business give restaurants room to experiment,” Patrick Varine.

• Editorial: second place, “Politics and policy on a rough ride” (three editorials about Pennsylvania Turnpike and transportation funding), Lori Falce.

• Sports/Outdoor column: second place, “Steelers’ next quarterback is already on the roster”; “Chase Claypool personifies Steelers’ culture problem”“Loyalty to Mike Tomlin leaves Steelers going nowhere,” Mark Madden.

• Sports Enterprise: second place, “9/11 retrospective,” Tim Benz.

• Sports Breaking News/Event Coverage: second place, “The Return of Robert Morris University hockey,” Tim Benz.

• Feature Story: first place, “The Greatest Generation turns 100,” JoAnne Klimovich Harrop, Louis Ruediger, Chris Benson.

• Personality Profile: first place, “Higher Calling: Catholic priest, 90, continues to devote his life in service to church,” JoAnne Klimovich Harrop.

• Personality Profile: second place, “By the book: Former Pittsburgh television reporter shares story of her daughter’s rare disease, treatment,” JoAnne Klimovich Harrop.

• Lifestyle/Entertainment Beat: second place, “Unique Pittsburgh Real Estate,” JoAnne Klimovich Harrop.

• Breaking News Photo: first place, “Jesus and Mary St. Vladimir fire,” Louis Ruediger.

• Breaking News Photo: honorable mention, “Fireman at St. Vladimir,” Louis Ruediger.

• News Event Photo: first place, “Ed Gainey elected Pittsburgh mayor,” Kristina Serafini.

• Feature Photo: first place, “Santa blessed,” Kristina Serafini.

• Photo Story/Essay: first place, “A higher calling: Catholic priest turns 90, continues to devote life in service to the church,” Kristina Serafini.

• Photo Story/Essay: second place, “Meet Pittsburgh’s unofficial Santa Claus,” Kristina Serafini.

• News Page Design: honorable mention, “Sticker Shock,” “Spirits Shaken” and “Change of Classes,” Staff.

• Feature Page Design: honorable mention, “It’s Pi(e) Day.” “Kitschy Kitchenware” and “Going Round & Round,” Melanie Wass.

• Sports Page Design: second place, “Outside Pressure,” “ ‘A Different World’ ” and “Timeless Treasure,” Jeff Vella.

• Sports Page Design: honorable mention, “Achieving Perfection,” “Captain Cam” and “Huddle Muddle,” Staff.

• Headline Writing: first place, “Increased Watt-age,” “Rocky Toppled” and “Home Groan,” Staff.

• Documentary: first place, “Olympic Oak: The Story of John Woodruff, the 1936 Berlin Olympics & the Roots of Athlete Activism,” Sean Stipp, Chris Benson.

• News Videos: first place, “Hidden Dangers,” Sean Stipp, Chris Benson, Natasha Lindstrom.

 Features Videos: first place, “100: A Celebration of Centenarians,” Louis Ruediger.

• Features Videos: second place, “Called to Hallowed Ground: The Phone Calls of Sept. 11, 2001,” Sean Stipp, Chris Benson.

 Features Videos: honorable mention, “The Day the Music Stopped,” Sean Stipp, Chris Benson.

• Podcast: honorable mention, “Pittsburgh Pop,” Rob Owen, Tim Benz.